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Invest in Berlin

Berlin is not only Germany´s political center; it is also one of the most dynamic economic regions in Europe. New established companies have made this location become a strong business city. With well-developed and modern telecommunications infrastructure, large pool of skilled manpower and excellent science and research environment; Berlin has optimal conditions for raising business. As the gateway to Central and Eastern Europe and the economic regions of Western Europe, Berlin takes advance by the geographically and strategically location.

In times of worldwide crisis and financial instability an investment in Berlin properties is safe and like a haven for your capital. We provide sustainable real estate options and profitable investment.

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Why Berlin

Berlin is the thriving capital of Germany. The German economy is a powerhouse in Europe and is continually growing. Recently, trade volume with the US has increased to the point that the United States are now Germany’s most important trading partner with overall exports. Accordingly, Berlin attracts entrepreneurs, young and creative people, who change the capital to a dynamic hot spot.

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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Berlin

Here are our top 10 reasons to invest in Berlin. Why not let us know which reasons are most important to you? Berlin is a fantastic city for both commercial and residential property and there has never been a better time to be looking:

Growing Demand

The increasing population in Berlin leads to a higher demand for real estate and a rising need for new development – Boom of the housing market.

Under Valued

The average property price level is comparable low to other European capitals – Increasing real estate prices and rents.

Heart of Europe

Germany is the major economic power in the European Union and has a growing economy and a stable financial system for years – an ideal economic framework.

High Occupancy

89% of Berlin’s real estates are for rent and the vacancy rate is at 2% – flexible and dynamic real estate market.

Young Population

Young people, the high diversity of cultures, Bohemian lifestyle and a high level of public safety create a dynamic and peaceful atmosphere – Berlin is a popular city.

Investment Incentives

Financial help for foreign investors through low interest loans, tax benefits and grants – good financial conditions.

Commercial Property

Economic growth and increasing demand for construction work – Rising demand for commercial properties.

Stable Market

Stable real estate market despite boom and bust cycles in Germany – a safe market for investments.

R&D Excellence

Excellent science and research institutions – innovative environment.

Developed Infrastructure

The well-developed infrastructure, professional and creative work force provide ideal conditions for business – attracts foreign and national investors.



Our Four Step Process

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Tell us what you are looking for and we will provide you a selection of available properties that match your parameters.

Select your investment

The selection of available properties will include all relevant criteria so that you just have to pick the investment that makes the most sense to you.

Secure financing

We will support you in determining the ideal financing tool for your investment and will direct you to an appropriate financial partner.

Sign contract

We will take care of contractual negotiations in your favor and will present you with a contract that reflects your ideal investment – all you have to do is sign.

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 What Could Be More Secure than German Real Estate?

Why Real Estate

The time is perfect to invest in Berlin’s real estate market and Pons are the perfect partners to facilitate your real estate investment. We offer residential property for private use or capital investment.

Huge Variety

Berlin offers all kinds of architectural styles and neighborhoods from quiet and residential over business and shopping districts to alternative and Bohemian areas.

Rising Rents

As real estate investor you can benefit from increasing rents and healthy returns.

Great Value

Housing prices, land cost and interests are comparably low.

Growing Demand

Ongoing positive net migration to Berlin means demand for rental space is on the rise.


A real estate investment is always a big step with lots of decisions to be made. With PONS Real Estate you have an excellent partner who will guide you through the whole process, providing personal advices and assistance to help locate your ideal property and create the perfect financial package!

Thomas Schwegmann, Founder, Pons Real Estate

Property Types

Residential Property
Berlin offers a fitting investment opportunity for all real estate desires. Are you interested in a real estate for your own purpose? Or are you looking for a condominium with a stable return and without administration effort? Regardless preference, our experts will advise you and guide you through the whole process and help your dreams come true.

Commercial Property
Berlin’s economy is booming. Take your personal advantage of this positive trend and make a good business. Invest in professional offices, retail spaces, hotels, industrial estates and many more attractive commercial spaces in Berlin.


About Pons Real Estate

PONS Real Estate is based in Berlin. With more than twenty years of experience in real estate business we find you the right match in assets and avoid obstacles that may arise. As a peace of mind policy we offer you property management as well. Quality of service you can trust.

Our team has long experience in the American-German economic and trade relation. We know both markets and all their characteristics. Our experts bring analytical skills and specific knowledge about the financial, legal, structural, political and cultural situation in Germany and the US.

If you would like to receive materials on a specific sector or discuss your requirements with us informally, please email your contact details so that a time can be arranged accordingly, specifying the scope of your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

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